E-09: Velocity Settings

Tags: touch,e-09,velocity,ssensitivity
The E-09 is a velocity sensitive keyboard. The harder you play the keys, the louder the sound. If you wish to have the keyboard NOT be velocity sensitive you can do so by pressing the KEYBOARD TOUCH button. Use the following procedure to set a constant velocity value when KEYBOARD TOUCH function is disabled:

1. Press and hold KEYBOARD TOUCH until the screen indicates "KBD Touch." (The FUNCTION button will be lit.)

2. Use TEMPO + or - buttons to select the "KBD Touch" value. The Range is from 1 to 127.

NOTE: A setting of "1" will be extremely faint (normally inaudible), and a setting of "127" will be the maximum strength (very loud and bright).

3. Press FUNCTION so it is not lit.

NOTE: Once you have made these settings, pressing the KEYBOARD TOUCH button so it is lit or not lit, will enable or disable this function.