GT-8: Calibrating the Expression Pedal

Tags: gt-8,exp
Use the following steps to calibrate the EXP pedal on the GT-8:

1. Power on while holding the ASSIGN CTL/EXP button. When "EXP CALIBRATION" shows in the display, release the ASSIGN CTL/EXP button.

2. Move the EXP pedal to the minimum (heel back) position.

3. Press WRITE.

4. Move the EXP pedal to the maximum (toe forward) position.

5. Press WRITE - "EXP CALIBRATION Threshold:" shows in the display.

6. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to adjust the threshold value (1-16). With lower value, the EXP pedal Switch can be activated with mild force. With a higher value, stronger force is needed.

7. Press WRITE.

8. Press EXIT.