ME-50: OD/Distortion List

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Here is the OD/Dist list for the ME-50:

OD-1: Models the BOSS OD-1. NATURAL Overdrive that gives a more natural sounding distortion.

OD-2: Models the BOSS OD-2. CRUNCH A lustrous crunch sound with an added element of
amp distortion.

BD-2: Models the BOSS BD-2. LEAD Produces a distortion sound with both the smoothness
of an overdrive along with a deep distortion.

DS-1: Models the BOSS DS-1. LOUD A heavy distortion with a boosted low end.

MT-2: Models the BOSS MT-2. METAL An intense, radical distortion sound.

SCREAM: Models the Ibanez TS-808 TUBESCREAMER. MODERN OD Overdrive with special mid range tone.

DST+ : Models the MXR DISTORTION+. STACK A fat sound with an added element of a stack
amp’s distortion.

GUV: Models the Marshall GUV’NOR. Hi GAIN Sound of Overdrive through a stack amp.

RAT: Models the Proco RAT. MODERN DS Sound of a large high gain amp.

MUFF: Models the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff ð. SQUARE Synth square wave sound.

FACE: Models the FUZZFACE. OCT FUZZ Fuzz sound produced by octave harmonics.