VM-3100PRO, VM-3100, Studio Package: Using a Digital Input and routing the signal to RPC-1?

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The setup below will allow you to have the VM-3100 use a digital input and route that signal through RBUS to your software application via RPC-1.

1. Connected the cable to the digital IN (coax or optical) into the VM-3100.

2. Hold SHIFT and press the DIGITAL IN/CLOCK SELECT button on the VM-3100.

3. Turn the dial to select DIN-1 (COAX) or DIN-2 (OPTICAL) and it should display a message that it is LOCKED.

4. Press the LEVEL METER button.

5. Press EZ ROUTING, press F1-F4 On/Off button, press F1 (INPUT).

6. Cursor RIGHT to display CH-07= IN-07, and turn the dial to select DIN-L.

7. Cursor RIGHT to display CH-08= IN-08, and turn the dial to select DIN-R.

8. You have just assigned INPUTS 7/8 to use the DIGITAL input instead of Analog INPUTS 7/8. You can assign any pair you wish, and using 7/8 is just an example. Raise the faders for the input and you should get signal.

9. Goto the RPC-=1 CONTROL PANEL within LOGIC, click on HARDWARE SETTINGS tab and select EXT for MASTER CLOCK, and the appropriate sample rate.

10. Press the AUDIO CH button on the VM-3100 to turn RED, raise faders 1/2 up, press the SELECT button for CH-1 and turn the dial to "B OUT", and turn the dial to select. You should now be getting audio to RBUS 3/4 in the CONTROL PANEL.