CD-2i: SYMPTOM: Burned CD Will Not Play (Finalize)

Tags: cd,disc,play,finalize,cd-r,burned

If you have burned a CD in the CD-2i but have found that the CD will not play in a CD player, the disc may need to be finalized. Finalization is the process of writing the final information (the number of songs, the song numbers, the playback times, etc.) to a CD-R/RW disc so that CD playing devices can identify the disc. When you “finalize” a CD-R/RW disc that was recorded or written by the CD-2i, that disc will be playable as a music CD in another CD player.


   1. Insert the CD-R/RW disc that you want to finalize.

   2. Press the EJECT button. A message will appear with "Finalize. Are You Sure?"

   3. Press the ENTER button.

If you are not prompted to finalize the disc at this time, you may try the following:

   1. Press CD under MODE.

   2. With the un-finalized disk inserted, press EASY GUIDE.

   3. CURSOR to ‘"3. Write (SD->CD’)" and press ENTER. "Finalize. Are You Sure?" will appear on the screen.

   4. Press ENTER.