VGA-7: Effects

Tags: vga-7,delay,reverb,efx,chorus
You can use an insert effect (EFX) and delay, reverb and chorus together to enhance your sound. Use the following procedure to select an EFX.

1. Press EFX to turn the EFX on.

2. Press SELECT. Each press of the button selects the next available EXF type.

NOTE: Each type offers two controls that let you customize the effect. You can use the RATE and INTENSITY controls to change the effect.

Use the following procedure to select a delay, chorus or reverb:

1. Press DELAY, CHORUS or REVERB to turn on the desired effect.

2. Press VARIATION/EDIT so it's lit.

3. Press SELECT/VALUE UP or DOWN to select the desired effect variation.

4. Press VARIATION/EDIT when you're done.