R-8, R-8M, R-8mkII: Sound Cards

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Here is a list of the cards Roland has manufactured to be used with the R-8,
R-8MKII and R-8M:

SN-R8-01 Contemporary Percussion; Timbales, Cuica, Timpani, etc.*1
SN-R8-02 Jazz Brush Set, Acoustic Bass *2
SN-R8-03 Sound FX: Cannon, door slam, footsteps, glass break, etc. *3
SN-R8-04 Electronic: TR-808, Reverse, Synth Bass etc. *4
SN-R8-05 Jazz: Kick, muted snares, sizzle ride cymbals, Fretless Bass, etc. *5
SN-R8-06 Ethnic Percussion: Tabla, Baya, Matsuidaiko drum, etc.
SN-R8-07 Mallets: Marimbas, xylophones, tubular bells, sanza, kenong, etc.
SN-R8-08 Dry Drums *5
SN-R8-09 Power Drums USA *1
SN-R8-10 Dance: TR-909, CR-78, etc. *1
SN-R8-11 Metallic Percussion/Cymbals *6

Some sounds on these cards are included in the R-8mkII. The numbers of these
sounds are as follows:

*1 - All the sounds
*2 - 17 sounds
*3 - 3 sounds
*4 - 11 sounds
*5 - 1 sound
*6 - 4 sounds