RD-700NX Setting the Internal USB Driver

Tags: driver,usb

Use the following steps to set the internal USB driver:

1. Press MENU so it is lit.

2. Press the flashing CLAV LIVE SET button.

3. Use the LEFT / RIGHT ARROW buttons to display the menu with USB settings.

4. Use the UP / DOWN ARROW buttons to highlight the "USB Driver:" setting.

5. Use the INC / DEC buttons to make your USB driver selection.

NOTE: Select

- GENERIC: If you wish to use the built-in driver pre-loaded in your computer's operating system.

- ORIGINAL: If you wish to use the Roland supplied USB driver downloaded from the RolandUS.com website. http://www.rolandus.com/products/details/1128/downloads/

6. Press the LAYER EDIT button under the display to confirm your selection.

NOTE: "Are You Sure?" will be displayed.

7. Press the flashing ENTER button to display "Executing..."

8. Turn the RD-700NX off and back on again to finish changing the USB driver setting.