VS-1824, VS-1880, VS-1680: Common Reasons Effects Aren't Heard

Tags: vs-1680,vs-1824,vs-1880,effects,hear
There are 3 common reasons why an effect processor would not be heard after an effect is applied:

1. The effect return levels may be set to 0. Check the effects return levels by pressing the [Effect 1/3 Rtn] button (located below monitor knob). All return levels should be set to 100.

2. The effect processor may be routed to a track. Clear the effects return routing by holding down any STATUS button and pressing CLEAR.

3. The effect processor may be used as an "Insert" on a different channel. Verify that the effect processor has not been inserted somewhere else by individually selecting Inputs & Tracks to see if the "FX INS" (EFX INS on VS-1680) box is off. If the channel indicates the effect processor is inserted, highlight the "FX INS" (EFX INS on VS-1680) box with the CURSOR keys, press ENTER/YES, and turn the setting to "Off" for the appropriate effects processor.