VS-2000CD: Copying a Project

Tags: copy,vs-2000cd,project
There are a few popular reasons you would utilize Project Copy. It's useful when you want to make a safety copy of your project, create multiple versions of the same project, or even if you're having problems backing up the original project.

1. Hold down SHIFT and press F4[PROJECT].
2. Cursor to the desired project and press F6 for "Mark" to select that project.
3. If "COPY" isn't visible above F2, press PAGE until it is.
4. Press F2 for "COPY".
5. Press F4 to select the drive/partition, to which you wish to copy the marked project. Highlight the drive/partition you wish to copy to and press F5 for "Select".
Note: This step is not necessary if you're copying to the same drive/partition.
6. Press F5 for "OK" to start the copying process. The message will be displayed,"Copy to IDE: Sure?". Press the ENTER[YES] button to continue with the copy, or EXIT[NO] to cancel.
7. The message will be displayed, "Store Current?". Press the ENTER[YES] button to continue with the Project Copy.