KR-107: How to Turn Off the Auto Demo

Tags: demo,auto,kr-107
The KR-107 ships with the Auto Demo Mode turned on (primarily for "in-store" self-demo purposes).
Use the following procedure to turn off the Auto Demo Mode (and to have the piano remember your settings):

1. Press the TRANSPOSE and REVERB buttons at the same time (The Auto Demo Mode will begin to play.)

2. Press the OPTION button, located to the right of the display.

3. Touch the Auto Start arrows to select "Off" on the display.

4. Press EXIT twice (located to the right of the display.)

5. Press "Option"

6. Touch the arrow icons in the lower right corner of the display to navigate to "Memory Backup."

7. Touch "Memory Backup."

8. Touch "Execute."

9. Touch "OK."

10. Press EXIT.