DR-880: Assinging an Instrument to One of the Individual Outputs.

Tags: route,dr-880,isolate,channels
It's possible to assign any of the instruments in a Drum Kit to the Individual Outputs on the DR-880. Use the following steps to assign an instrument to the individual "A" output:

1. Choose a desired drum kit to edit. (Press KIT, and then turn the VALUE dial).

2. Press CURSOR down to select "DRUM PART."

3. Press ENTER - "Drum Level:" appears in the display.

4. Press CURSOR RIGHT once.

5. Press the desired pad that has the instrument you want to assign. When you press the pad, the current instrument appears at the top of the display next to "Inst:"

6. Press CURSOR down to "Out Assign:".

7. Turn the VALUE dial to select "IND.A"

8. Repeat steps 5 and 7 for any other instruments you want to assign.

9. Press EXIT twice when you're finished. If you want to save the new settings, be sure to WRITE them to a USER drum kit before changing to a different kit or turning off the power.