SDE-330, SRV-330, SDX-330: Transmitting Expression Pedal Messages

Tags: sde-330,srv-330,sdx-330
These units can retransmit MIDI controller messages (that are received from an
expression pedal) through the MIDI OUT jack. This is very useful for control
multiple MIDI devices from a single expression pedal. You can select a
different controller number to be transmitted to your other MIDI device(s).
Use the following procedure to assign a controller number to be output when the
expression pedal is used:

1) Press SYSTEM.
2) Use UP/DOWN CURSOR buttons to display, "Tx Exp.Pedal Ctrl No.=."
3) Press PAGE.
4) Use the DIAL to select the desired MIDI controller number.
5) Press EXIT.

Now, the unit will transmit the selected MIDI controller when the expression
pedal is used.