BR-1600CD: Using Phantom Power

Tags: input,mic,microphone,phantom,power,recording,br-1600cd,xlr,1/4,inch
The BR-1600CD has 8 XLR inputs can be enabled to supply phantom power. You will need to only use the XLR inputs for those mics - any mics that do not require phantom power should be plugged into one of the standard 1/4 inch inputs. Phantom power is only supplied to the XLR inputs, and when switched ON, it supplies it to all 8 XLR inputs and is not selectable individually.

Turning on Phantom Power:

1. Press the UTILITY button.

2. Cursor to SYSTEM and press ENTER.

3. Cursor to PHANTOM POWER and turn the dial to select ON.

4. Press UTILITY to return to the main screen.