SE-50: Bulk Loading System Exclusive Data

Tags: se-50
The SE-50 allows you to store Patch and system data to a MIDI sequencer using
system exclusive messages. That data can be loaded back into the SE-50 by using
the Bulk Load function. Use the following procedure:

1) Press the UTILITY button 2 times until "MIDI CHANNEL / CHANNEL: 1" is
displayed. If a different MIDI channel is selected, use the VALUE keys to
select "1."
2) Press PARAMETER UP 3 times until "MIDI BULK LOAD / WAITING" is
3) Play the files containing the system exclusive data with your sequencer.
While loading, [RECEIVING] will be displayed. When the bulk dump is complete,
"[IDLING]" will be displayed.
4) Press EXIT to return to the main screen.