V-STUDIO 100, VS-100: Transferring WAVE RECORDER Audio Files to a Computer

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The following article will guide you through transferring WAVE audio files from the V-STUDIO 100's WAVE RECORDER SD memory card onto a computer.

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from the V-STUDIO 100.

  2. Be sure that the SD memory card is inserted into the V-STUDIO 100's "WAVE RECORDER SD HC" card slot.
  3. Press and hold the DISPLAY button for two seconds. The UTILITY screen appears.

  4. Use the CURSOR/VALUE dial to select "STORAGE".

  5. Press the CURSOR/VALUE dial inward and then turn the dial clockwise to "ON".

  6. Power off the V-STUDIO 100 and then power back on. Your V-STUDIO 100 will in Storage Mode and seen as an external memory drive from a computer.

  7. Connect a USB cable to the V-STUDIO 100 and a computer.
  8. A window will appear showing you the contents of theV-STUDIO 100's SD memory.
    Note: If a window does not appear on your computer:
        a. Click on the Windows icon (or Start icon) on the bottom left of the screen.  
        b. Click on Computer (or My Computer).
        c. Click on the V-STUDIO 100 (or "Removable Disc") icon in the Devices with Removable Storage section.

    Mac OS X:
         a. On your computer's desktop, open the V-STUDIO 100 (or "Removable Disc") icon.

  9. Drag the audio file(s) onto the desktop or directly onto track(s) within the audio recording software you are using.

  10. Properly eject the V-STUDIO 100 from your computer as follows:
         a. Use the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Windows task tray to un-mount the USB memory and then disconnect the USB memory from your computer.
         a. Drag the Drive icon of the USB memory into the trash in the dock and then remove the USB memory from your computer.

  11. Disconnect the USB cable from the V-STUDIO 100.

    NOTE: Set the V-STUDIO 100's Storage Mode to "OFF" if you will be using the unit as an audio interface with audio software.