D-550: SYSEX Bulk Load or Bulk Dump

Tags: bulk,load,sysex,d-550
Normally the D-550 is looking for a handshake command in order to dump or load its exclusive messages. This is not a problem if you are using two D-550's. However, if you need to do a one-way dump or load then you will have to hold down the DATA TRANSFER button during the entire procedure to override the handshake command. Also, the D-550 must be set to the same MIDI channel when this information is reloaded.

1) Press and hold the DATA TRANSFER button down and use the CURSOR to select either [Bulk Dump] or [Bulk Load].

2) Keep holding the DATA TRANSFER Button and press the ENTER button.

3) Keep holding the DATA TRANSFER Button the entire time you are performing the procedure.