BR-532: Creating A Loop Using Track Copy

Tags: repeat,track,copy,marker,br-532,scrub,locator
You can make a portion of audio on a track play repeatedly by creating a loop using the Track Copy function. There are a couple of ways to do this, but the one below is the easiest.

NOTE: * If data exists at the position being copied to, that data will be overwritten.

NOTE: * The portion being copied must be longer than 1 second long. If the copied portion is 1 second or less, no sound will be heard even if the copy is carried out.

1. First, you will need to know exactly where in the song the audio that you want to copy starts. Play the track and press stop when you get to the start of the audio.

To get a more accurate start time you can use the PARAMETER buttons to move to the seconds or frame value of the time display, and then use the TIME/VALUE DIAL to change the number.

NOTE : You can also use the SCRUB mode to get a much more accurate time for the beginning or end of the audio that you want to copy. See BR-532 HELP DESK entry "Using SCRUB To Find Edit Points".

2. Once you've found the start point of the audio you want to copy, press the A<>B button so that it flashes red. This creates Repeat Marker A.

3. Find the end point of the audio you want to copy and press the A<>B button again so that the light is solid. This creates Repeat Marker B.

4. Next create a LOCATOR point that is the same time as the end point (Repeat Marker B). If the LOCATOR button is lit, press and hold the DELETE button then press LOCATOR to turn it off. This deletes the previous LOCATOR stored. Now, in order to store your current end point just press the LOCATOR button again so that it is lit.

5. Press the UTILITY button and use the PARAMETER right button to cursor to TRACK EDIT. Press ENTER/YES.

6. Use the PARAMETER buttons to cursor to COPY. Press ENTER/YES

7. On the Track Copy screen, Edit Type:AB is displayed. If it isn't, then turn the TIME/VALUE DIAL counterclockwise until it appears. Press ENTER/YES.

8. On the following screen you will choose the source track and V-track the audio is on that you want to copy (SRC). Also you will choose the Target track and V-track of the destination (TRG). This is the track that you want to copy it to. In this case, you should have the same track number and V-Track number for both.

9. On the next screen, you will have to enter the TO time. This is the time that you want to copy the audio to. This is the same time that you stored in the LOCATOR in step #3. Press the LOCATOR button and the time will be entered. Press ENTER/YES.

If you want to view the time as Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames instead of Bar and Beat times, press the PARAMETER left button.

9. Enter the number of times that you want the piece of audio that you're copying to REPEAT (loop).

10. "Are you sure?" will appear on the screen. Press ENTER/YES to complete the copy.

11. Press the REW button to move to the location of the original audio that you copied, and press PLAY. Listen to your loop and make sure that is as you want it. If not, press UNDO and attempt the copy again.

NOTE : If you experience a skip or hiccup in your loop after you perform the Track Copy, check your initial start and end points when you redo the edit. Most Track Copy problems occur because of incorrect start and end times.