BR-864: Editing Insert Effect Parameter Functions

Tags: edit,insert,effect,br-864,parameter
Use the following procedure to select and edit an Insert-type effect patch:

1. Press [EFFECTS]. The Effect Settings screen is displayed.

2. Select an effect patch. Use CURSOR [<]or [>] and the TIME/VALUE dial to select the bank, Preset/Song/User, and patch number.

3. Press CURSOR [>] to move the cursor to "EDIT," and press [ENTER]. The Edit Effect screen appears and the algorithm (the connection sequence for the effects being used) is displayed.

NOTE: When effect patches in the SIMUL bank are selected, "GTR" and "MIC" appear. Move the cursor to "GTR" to modify a guitar-use effect, or to "MIC" to modify an effect for use with a mic, then press [ENTER].

4. Press CURSOR [<] or [>] to move the cursor to each effect and turn the TIME/VALUE dial to turn each effect on or off. Blocks that are turned on are shown in uppercase letters, while blocks that are turned off are shown in lowercase letters. Turn on the effects that you want to use.

5. Press CURSOR [<] or [>] to move the cursor to the effect with the parameter that you want to change and press [ENTER]. The Parameter Setting screen for each effect is displayed.

6. Use CURSOR [<] or [>] to select a parameter, and turn the TIME/VALUE dial to edit the value.

7. If you would like to edit another effect, press [EXIT] to return to the previous screen, and repeat steps 5–6.

8. If you wish to save the current effect settings, perform the procedure described in "Saving insert effect settings".

NOTE: Edited effect settings are temporary. If you exit the Edit Effect screen without saving the effect patch you changed, "TMP" appears next to the indication of the bank.
Be aware that if you select a new effect patch while "TMP" is displayed, the altered effect patch is returned to its original settings and the changes are lost.