BR-1180CD: Burning a Mix to CD

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Audio CDs only contain two tracks: a left and a right channel. Therefore, if you want to burn a multitrack recording to CD, it has to be mixed down to two tracks. In the BR-1180CD, 9/10 are the designated tracks for this procedure. After you have a mix recorded on tracks 9/10, you can then burn those tracks to CD.

Creating a mixdown via "Bounce" mode:

1. Once you have your material recorded and playing back the way you want it, stop the recorder and hit the ZERO button to rewind to the beginning of the song.
2. Press the REC MODE button so that “BOUNCE” lights up. At this time 9/10 should be flashing; if not, press the REC TRACK button for 9/10 so it does start flashing.
3. Press the REC button first, it should flash red, and then press PLAY. Let the song play through and when it’s done press STOP.
4. Press the V-TRACK button, and then the REC TRACK button for 9/10. Look at the screen where it says V-Track. Take note of what number it’s on because this is what you’re going to be burning to CD. For example, if it says “V-Track: 1”, you’re going to burn 9/10-1 to CD.

Burning a Mix to CD:

1. Press the AUDIO CD WRITE/PLAY button. The first selection should be “CD Write”, press the ENTER/YES button to select it.
2. This takes you to a sub-menu where you select what kind of burning process you want to do. The first selection is “Track at Once”, press the ENTER/YES button to select this method.
3. Next, select the tracks you wish to burn to CD. If you bounced to v-track 1, then use the TIME/VALUE dial to select tracks “9/10-1”.
4. Cursor to “GO” and press the ENTER/YES button.
5. When the message is displayed “Write Speed, 8x?”, press the ENTER/YES button. It then displays “Write sure?”, press the ENTER/YES button again.
6.When it starts burning the CD it should show a message stating “Now Writing...”. When finished, it will ask you if you want to finalize, press the ENTER/YES button. This allows it to play in a standard CD player.