VS-2400CD: Adding Reverb to the Recorded Performance

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There are two types of effects: Insert effects and Loop (send/return) effects. Insert effects replace the original dry signal with 100% effect, while loop effects are only sending a portion of the original signal to the effects. Insert effects are similar to taking a guitar, plugging it into a "stomp box", and then plugging the output of the box into the recorder. Loop effects require sending a portion of the signal to the effects processor, adding the effect, and then returning it back to the recorder. This procedure will add reverb to a recording on track 1.

1. Hold down SHIFT and press the F3 (EFFECT) button.

2. Press F1 (FX1) and then press it again to select PATCH.

3. With the TIME/VALUE dial, highlight “P047 RV:Soft Amb.” and press F5 (SELECT) to select it as FX1.

4. Press the TR 1-12 button to set up the faders for the track mixer.

5. Press the CH EDIT button (above TRACK STATUS) for Track 1.

6. CURSOR to the AUX 1 box and highlight the “dB” value in that box.

7. With the TIME/VALUE dial, change that value from "negative infinity" to at least “-5 dB” (the higher the value, the more effect).

8. Press the AUX1-8/FX1-4 button (above IN1-12).

9. Raise the fader for FX1 RTN to 0 dB. Press HOME (DISPLAY) to return to the main screen. Upon playback of the song, reverb is heard on track 1.

Note: To adjust the amount of the reverb on Track 1, go to the CH EDIT screen for that track and change the “dB” value in AUX 1.