JV-1000: Difference Between Part Levels and Internal Levels

Tags: jv-1000
There are two level settings for each Performance Part in the JV-1000; Part
Level and Internal Level. The Part Levels represent the actual MIDI volume
levels received from the sequencer. Internal Levels set the maximum volume for
each of the Parts. When you bulk dump your Performance settings, the Internal
Levels are saved and the Part Levels always reset to 127. This allows you to
balance your sounds using the Internal Levels, but still have a full range of
volume expression (0-127). For example, if your Internal Level is set to 50 and
you send a Controller 7 value 127 message, the Part Level will indicate 127 and
the sound will play at level 50. Use the following procedure to view each of
the level displays:

2) Press LEVEL on the Edit Palette.
3) The display will indicate the Part Level.
4) Press CURSOR UP.
5) The display will indicate the Internal Level.