TD-7: Pad Pattern.

Tags: trigger,td-7
It's possible to start and stop one of the built in patterns in the TD-7 by hitting one of the pads. This feature is called pad pattern. Here's how to turn this feature on or off:

1. Select a desired kit.

2. Press EDIT so it's lit.

3. Press CURSOR right or left until PATCH is flashing.

4. Press ENTER.

5. Press CURSOR right or left until TRIG is flashing.

6. Press ENTER.

7. Turn the VALUE dial to select "Seq Ptn #".

8. Hit the pad that you'd like to assign a pattern to.
Tip: If you want to turn off a pattern that's already assigned to a pad, hit the pad twice - once to start the pattern, and once to stop it.

9. Press CURSOR right once.

10. Turn the value dial to select the pattern, or turn the VALUE dial counterclockwise to select "OFF" if you do not want a pattern to play.

11. Press EXIT 3 times. The new setting is saved in the kit automatically.