VS-2000CD: Drive Select

Tags: drive,hard,vs-2000cd,partitions
The 40 Gigabyte Hard Drive in the VS-2000CD is divided into four partitions. IDE:0, 1, 2, and 3. The following is the procedure for selecting, or changing partitions.

1. Press and hold the SHIFT button, and press F1, PROJECT.

2. Press the up/down cursor arrow buttons or turn the
Time/Value dial to select the IDE partition you want.

3. Press F6, LIST. "Change Current Drive to IDE:x, Sure?"
will appear in the display.

4. Press the ENTER/YES button. "STORE Current?" will
appear in the display.

5. Press ENTER/YES. "Now Working, Please Wait..." will be

When the process is complete, the display will return to
the Project List screen. Select a project or press HOME to exit and return to the main display.