D-70: Creating a Split

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The D-70 has four Zones: Lower 1 and Lower 2 (L-1, L-2) and Upper 1 and Upper 2 (U-3, U-4). A split point can be set between the Lower Zones (1 and 2) and the Upper Zones (3 and 4). Use the following procedure to set the Split-point and assign a Tone to each portion of the Split-point:

Setting the split point:


2. Press F2 [Split] to select Split mode.

3. Hold F2 and press a note on the keyboard to select the Split point.

Assigning the Tones:

1. Hold the desired Tone/Zone select button (under the sliders) and press the TONE button.

2. Use the BANK 1-8 and NUMBER 1-8 buttons to select a Tone for that Zone.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to select Tones for the other three Zones.

Writing the Split into memory:

1. Press WRITE.

2. Use the A/B, BANK 1-8, and NUMBER 1-8 buttons to select a location.

3. Press WRITE.

4. Press ENTER.