BR-1200CD, BR-1200: How To Copy(Loop)a Track.

Tags: loop,copy,br-1200,br-1200cd
1. Press UTILITY

2. CURSOR to TRACK and then press F3.

3. CURSOR to COPY and then press F1.

4. Under SOURCE, turn the dial to enter the track you want to copy.

5. CURSOR one more to the right and turn the dial to select the V-track that you want to copy.

6. To choose where to put the copy, cursor to the right again so you are under DEST.(destination). Turn the dial to select your destination track.

7. Cursor to the right again and turn the dial to select the destination V-track.

8. Press F3(LOC)

9. Press F1(DISP) to select TIME

10. For START, use the CURSORs and TIME/VALUE dial to enter the start time of the existing audio to be copied.

10. For END, Use the CURSORs and TIME/VALUE dial to enter the time that section of audio you are copying currently ends.

11. Under "TO", enter the destination time that you want your copied audio to go.

Note-If you are trying to create a seamless loop, make your TO time the same as your END time.

12. Set the FROM time to match your START time.

13. For TIMES, indicate the number of times that you want your copy to repeat.

14. Press F3(GO) to execute the copy.