Discover 5: Vocal Harmonizer Function

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The Vocal Harmonizer can produce vocal harmonies from your singing, and can also transform the sound of your voice. Use the following steps to use the Vocal Harmonizer:

1. Turn off your amp and the DisCover 5, in that order.

2. Connect a dynamic microphone to the MIC INPUT jack on the DisCover 5’s rear panel.

3. Set the GAIN switch to MIC.

4. Set the MIC GAIN knob on the front panel to MIN.

5. Turn the DisCover 5 and your amp on, in that order.

6. Press the SINGER button so it’s lit, and turn off the VOCODER, SMALL and ENSEMBLE buttons so they’re not lit.

7. Sing into the microphone and gradually increase the MIC GAIN setting. Set it to the highest possible value, taking care to avoid lighting the OVER indicator.

8. If your singing is inaudible in the speakers or headphones, turn the VOICE knob slowly clockwise until you hear your voice as desired.

9. Use the EFFECTS knob to set the balance between your singing and the effects being added to your voice.

10. Press the SMALL button so it’s lit.

11. Sing a few notes and listen to the harmonies the DisCover 5 produces. If the harmonies are too quiet, turn the HARMONY knob clockwise.

12. To try out different harmonizations, press and hold the SMALL button to display the Vocal Harmonizer screen.

13. Touch the MALE, FEMALE or MIX button on the screen to change the apparent gender of the harmony singers.

14. Touch one of the preset fields to select a different harmony type.

15. Touch the ENSEMBLE button on the screen and sing some more.

16. Press EXIT when you’re done.