BR-532: Bouncing Tracks on the BR-532

Tags: tracks,br-532,bouncing,ping-pong,combining
There are many instances where bouncing tracks is quite useful. Bouncing, also called ping-ponging, combines tracks to free up space for recording more tracks. When inserting effects on prerecorded tracks, it is helpful for printing the effect to the track. Also, bouncing is the procedure used to mixdown internally.

* PAN, Volumes, and Loop Effects settings, if applicable, should be set before the bounce procedure in order to be captured in the bounce.

1. Press PLAY and adjust the volumes for the desired tracks in the mix using the REC TRACK faders. Lower the faders for the tracks not in the mix. Raise the MASTER fader for the overall volume. Raise the RHYTHM GUIDE fader to bounce the Rhythm Guide with the rest of the tracks.
2. Press STOP.
3. Press the BOUNCE[ON/OFF] button until both the TRACK L and R indicators blink. The screen should indicate BOUNCE in the top-left corner and STEREO in the top-right.
4. Press REC TRACK [1] to record on tracks 1 and 2, or, press REC TRACK [3] to record on tracks 3 and 4.
5. The TARGET tracks are the destination tracks for the bounce. Select the channel and the v-track with the cursor and the TIME/VALUE dial. Don't forget which tracks were used as the destination tracks!
6. Press REC.
7. Press PLAY and let the song play through adjusting the track levels accordingly.
8. When the song is finished, press STOP.
9. Press the ZERO button to return to the beginning of the song and the press PLAY to hear the bounce.
10. Hold down STOP and then press RECORD to save the song.