CE-20: Chorus Effect Types / Descriptions

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The following is a list of the various chorus "types" and their descriptions found within the CE-20. Turn the MODE knob to select one of the following six chorus types:

RICH: Chorus with unprecedented breadth and minimal thinning of the sound.

BASS: Chorus specifically tuned for bass that maintains the low end. Great for bass or a heavy guitar sound.

ACOUSTIC: Chorus tuned specifically for an acoustic guitar. Ripple is minimized for a natural sounding chorus effect.

STANDARD: General chorus sound. An ideal chorus sound suitable for any kind of instrument.

DIMENSIONAL D: Models the Roland DIMENSION D (SDD-320) providing a clear, crisp chorus sound. With this mode selected, you can use the RATE knob to switch between 7 classic DIMENSIONAL D settings. (The DEPTH knob is serves no function in this mode).

CE-1: Models the BOSS Chorus Effect Pedal (CE-1) providing a chorus sound with the CE-1's characteristic analog warmth. With this mode selected, the RATE knob functions as an INTENSITY knob, allowing you to adjust the amount of chorus effect applied. (The DEPTH knob is serves no function in this mode).

For additional information, refer to the CE-20 Owner's Manual.