RC-20: Maximum Recording Time Available

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The total amount of recording time in the RC-20 is 5 minutes and 30 seconds (max). That covers all of the PHRASE locations and includes any overdubs as well.

For example: If you recorded a 20 second loop and did two 20 second overdubs, you just used up 60 seconds of recording time. OR; if you recorded a 5:30 loop into one of the phrase locations, all the memory has been used, and no additional recordings or overdubs can be made in any location.

The RC-20 has 10 loop locations along with a "One-shot" location to store your 5 1/2 minutes of recording time.

Another example: If you only have one 10 second loop with two 10 second overdubs, and a 30 second "One-shot" phrase, you have used up 60 seconds of recording time.