SP-303: Sampling From CD or MD

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Sounds input from a CD or MD can be sampled in mono or stereo. Use the following procedure to sample in stereo to Pad 3 Bank B:

1. Connect the output of your CD or MD player to the LINE IN jack of the SP-303.

2. Turn on the CD/MD player and put it in play-standby mode.

3. Confirm tha PATTERN SELECT is not lit. If it is lit, press it so that the button’s light goes out.

4. Press REC and confirm that the button has lit. The pads which are available for sampling will blink and the SP-303 will go into sample standby.

5. Press BANK B and confirm that the button has lit.

6. Press Pad 3. Pad 3 lights solid and REC blinks.

7. Press STEREO and confirm that the button is lit.

8. Press LONG/LO-FI to select the sampling grade.

LONG/LO-FI not lit = STANDARD sampling with high-quality sound
LONG/LO-FI lit = LONG (Twice the sampling time of STANDARD)
LONG/LO-FI blinking = LO-FI (Extended sampling time)

Standard - 31 seconds
Long - 63 seconds
Lo-Fi - 3 minutes, 10 seconds

More sampling time is available using optional SmartMedia cards.

9. Start playback of the CD or MD. Turn the CTRL 3/MFX LEVEL knob to adjust the sampling level so that the PEAK indicator lights only from time to time. When you finish making this adjustment, stop the CD/MD player and put it once again in play-standby mode.

10. Start playback of the CD/MD and when you want sampling to begin, press REC. REC lights up and sampling starts.

11. When you want sampling to stop, press REC again. The REC button and the Pad 3 lights go out and sampling ends.

12. Press Pad 3 to hear the sound that was just sampled.