E-09: Saving Your Settings As A User Program

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The E-09 has 100 User program memory locations, numbered from 00–99. Each of these locations can store settings for most of the front panel operations and function menus (p. 22). MIDI settings (p. 26) are automatically stored in the E-09. They're not saved as part of a User program. Use the following procedure to save your settings as a User program.

1. Hold down USER PROGRAM for a few moments—the display indicates "Write?"

2. While holding down USER PROGRAM, press the desired TONE category numeric button from 1 through 0.

3. Press TEMPO•YES, and then take your finger off the USER PROGRAM button.

4. Enter a name for the user program using the FAMILY cursor buttons to move the onscreen cursor, and then use the SELECT cursor buttons to change each character.

5. Press TEMPO•YES. The screen shows "Complete." The current settings have been saved.