FA-06 FA-08: Importing Standard MIDI Files

Tags: smf,fa-06,fa-08,sequencer

The best way to transfer song files between other sequencers (software or hardware) and the FA-06 and FA-08 is to use the Standard MIDI File format. Here is the procedure to load a Standard MIDI File into the sequencer on the FA-06 / FA-08:

  1. Connect the SD card from the FA-06 / FA-08 to your computer and copy the SMF to the IMPORT folder of the SD card.
  2. Connect the SD card to the FA-06 / FA-08 and power on the keyboard.
  3. Press SEQUENCER.
  4. Hold SHIFT and press the BASS/SYNTH BASS button under the screen to access the Song Utility menu.
  5. Cursor to "Import SMF" and press ENTER.
  6. Select the desired SMF to import and press the VOCAL/CHOIR button under the screen to import the file.
  7. Press the BRASS/WIND button under the display to confirm the operation.

The file will be loaded into the current song on the FA-06 / FA-08 and you can then play back and edit it as needed. You will need to save the song on the FA-06 / FA-08 if you wish to have it available in the future.