MC-80: Formatting a ZIP Disk

Tags: mc-80
Use the following procedure to format a ZIP Disk:

1) Insert a ZIP Disk into the drive.
2) Press TOOLS.
3) Press F5 [DISKUTIL].
4) Use the value DIAL or the CURSOR buttons to select "9 FORMAT."
5) Press F4 [FORMAT] to display "DISK FORMAT / IMPROPER DISK!"
6) Press F6 [FORMAT].
7) Use the value DIAL and the CURSOR buttons to name the disk.
8) Press F6 [FORMAT] to display the "DISK FORMAT WARNING."
9) Press F6 [FORMAT] to display "DISK FORMAT / Now Processing . . ."
10) When formatting is complete, "DISK FORMAT / Completed" will displayed.
11) Press F6 [ACCEPT].
12) Press EXIT twice to return to the main menu.