FR-8X: How to navigate the Menu

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FR-8X: How to navigate the Menu

The menu on the FR-8X has 17 different sub-menus, which we call parameter groups.  Each parameter group allows you to edit and change different functions within the accordion.  

To access these parameters:

1) Press the menu button

2) Turn the data/enter knob in the clockwise direction.  

The 17 different menu parameter groups, from 1-17, are:

  1. Tuning
  2. Accordion Edit
  3. Bass Edit
  4. Free Bass Edit
  5. Orchestra 1 Edit
  6. Orchestra 2 Edit
  7. Organ Edit
  8. Orchestra Bass Edit
  9. Orchestra Chord Edit
  10. Orchestra Free Bass Edit
  11. Drum Edit
  12. Right Hand Mode
  13. Set Common
  14. System
  15. Utility
  16. Midi
  17. Wireless LAN

3) Once you’ve reached the parameter that you’d like to edit, press the data/enter knob to enter the parameter.  

4) Within each parameter group, turn the data/enter knob clockwise to scroll through the various parameters.