FR-7xb: How to Restore User Data Previously Saved to a USB Drive


Use the following procedure to restore all of your data previously saved to a USB memory drive. You will need to do this after performing a Factory Reset, for instance.

1. Connect the USB memory drive to the FR-7xb USB port.

2. Press MENU.

3. Turn the DATA DIAL to select Menu #11 and then press the DATA DIAL (enter).

4. Turn the DATA DIAL to select Menu #11.6 "ImportAll FR7x..."

5. Press the DATA DIAL to select the "fr7x.FRS" file name.

NOTE: This file contains all of the FR-7xb settings previously archived using the "Export All Fr-7x" function.

6. Press the DATA DIAL to confirm the file.

7. Press the DATA DIAL again to display "Press Write To Proceed."

8. Press WRITE to display "Executing...Do NOT Power Off."

9. When "Function Complete" is displayed, turn off the FR-7xb and turn it back on again.