BR-532: Using Loop Effects

Tags: loop,effects,fx,send,br-532,type
On the BR-532 you can use the LOOP EFFECTS to add Reverb, Delay or Chorus type effects to your recorded tracks.

1. Press the LOOP EFFECTS button. The next screen shows the different tracks on the top line of the display, and the send level on the bottom line of the display. Press the left PARAMETER button to view the send level for the inputs and RHYTHM GUIDE.

NOTE : The send level is the amount of signal being sent from that track (or input) to the loop effect.

2. To change the send level, use the PARAMETER buttons to cursor to it and use the TIME/VALUE DIAL to raise or lower it.

3. To change the type of LOOP EFFECT, use the right PARAMETER button to cursor to the FX TYPE on the next screen. Use your TIME/VALUE DIAL to change select REVERB, DOUBL'N (short delay), or CHORUS.

4. To edit the parameters of the particular FX TYPE, press the right PARAMETER button to view the parameter screens for that effect.

NOTE : If you see an arrow at the right of the screen pointing right, it indicates that there are more edit screens to access if you press the right PARAMETER button. The same applies for an arrow pointing left on the left side of the display screen as well.

5. Unlike using the insert COSM effects, you don't have to save your settings when using LOOP EFFECTS because they are saved with your song data.