VS-2480: Syncing Two VS-2480s Together via Midi

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If you’re fortunate enough to have two VS-2480s, then you can sync them together to create a 48 track recorder. You will need 2 Midi Cables and 1 Coaxial Digital Audio Cable (or 1 Optical Digital Audio Cable).

MIDI Machine Control messages are used to control the transport functions, MIDI TIME CODE is used for a positional timing reference, and a coaxial digital cable is used to carry audio signal from one VS-2480 to the next.

NOTE: The 1st VS-2480 will be referred to as the MASTER VS-2480 and it is the one that you should connect your speakers or headphones to. The 2nd VS-2480 will be referred to as the SLAVE VS-2480.

1. Connect a midi cable from the MIDI OUT of the MASTER VS-2480 to the MIDI IN of the SLAVE VS-2480.

2. Connect a midi cable from the MIDI OUT of the SLAVE VS-2480 to the MIDI IN of the MASTER VS-2480.

3. Connect the DIGITAL OUT (Coaxial or Optical) of the SLAVE VS-2480 to the DIGITAL IN (Coaxial or Optical) of the MASTER VS-2480. NOTE: Make sure that both are powered on and that the current song’s sampling rate (96 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, or 32 kHz) is the same on both units.

MASTER VS-2480 Settings :

1. Press [UTILITY].

2. Press [PAGE] to display MIDI over the [F5] button. Press [F5].

3. On the Midi Parameter page Set "MIDI THRU" to "OUT".

4. Set "SysEx. Tx Sw" to select "ON".

5. Set "MMC" to "MASTER".

6. Press F6 [EXIT].

7. Press F6 again for [SYNC].

8. Set "SYNC MODE" to "EXT".


10. Set "Frame Rate" to "30".

11. Press [F6] to EXIT.

12. Press [PAGE] to display PROJ over F3. Press F3 [PROJ].

13. Under the Master Clock area of the Project Parameter page select either COAXIAL IN or OPTICAL IN depending on which type you are using. "DIGITAL IN LOCK!" will be displayed briefly.

14. Press [DISPLAY/HOME].


16. Press [F1] VIEW and use your [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons and [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to route the COAX or OPT input to INPUT MIXER 17/18. This will route the master outputs of the Slave VS-2480 to INPUT MIXER 17/18 of the Master VS-2480. This is how you will monitor the tracks on the SLAVE VS-2480.

17. Press [IN 17-24] next to the MASTER FADER and raise faders 17 and 18.

Slave VS-2480 Settings:

1. Press the [UTILITY] button. Press [PAGE] to display MIDI over the [F5] button. Press [F5].

2. At the bottom of the MIDI PRM page, turn the MMC Mode to SLAVE. Turn the MMC Source to MIDI.

3. Cursor up to the SysEx. Rx.SW and select “ON”.

4. Press the [UTILITY] button and use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to select SYNC Prm. Press [ENTER/YES].

5. On the SYNC Prm page, set SYNC MODE as INT.

6. Also set the FRAME RATE to 30

7. Set the MIDI OUT SYNC Gen. to MTC.

Just press PLAY (or REC and PLAY) on the MASTER VS-2480 and it will start the SLAVE VS-2480. The SLAVE VS-2480 will then send MTC to the MASTER VS-2480 so that they stay in sync together. The audio from the SLAVE VS-2480 will also be sent through the digital cable to the digital in of the VS-2480 letting you hear both machines at once.