SP-808EX, SP-808: Updating The Operating System Using MIDI Files

Tags: operating,system,midi,update,files,sp-808,sp-808ex
The operating system of the SP-808/SP-808EX can be updated by using MIDI files supplied by Roland. Use the following procedure to update the operating system via MIDI:

1. Connect the MIDI OUT of a MIDI sequencer (computer-based, MC-50MKII, etc.) to the MIDI IN of the SP-808/SP-808EX.

2. Load the first MIDI file of the update into the sequencer.

3. Hold down the STATUS & EFFECTS buttons for Track A and then power on the SP-808/SP-808EX to display "MIDI UPDATE - Waiting MIDI . . ."

4. Send the first MIDI file from the sequencer.

5. Repeat step #4 for the remainder of the MIDI files.

6. When all the files have been sent, turn off the SP-808/SP808EX and turn it back on.