SI-24, Studio Package Pro, SPP: Using an external FX unit?

Tags: external,effect,studio,package,pro,si-24,spp,efx
You will be routing your Logic RPC Pro bus to send tracks using RBUS out 3/4 (1/4inch) or 5/6 (RCA).

1- Connect the SI-24 AUX-1 (1/4 inch) or AUX-2 (RCA) to the input of your external FX unit.

2- Connect the ouputs of the external FX unit to inputs on the SI-24 and set the input gain.

3- Open the TRACK MIXER from the WINDOWS menu bar on Logic RPC Pro.

4- Press the SI-24's CH ASSIGN [BUS} button and on LOGIC set the BUS1 (Return1) output selector to OUTPUT-3/4 or 5/6 as desired. This will route the signal out to the external FX unit.

5- To send a signal from a track, press the CH ASSIGN button for the track you want to sent to the external effect.

6- CLICK & hold on the SEND slot to access the pulldown menu, and select "BUS-1"