DS-90: Connecting to the DS-90 using the Digital Input

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The DS-90 monitors allow you to connect a sound source with a digital output
(such as a VS-recorder or VM-mixer) via its Coaxial or Optical Digital Inputs.
Use the following procedure to make a digital connection:

1) Connect your digital source to the appropriate digital input on the DS-90.
If you are using the coaxial connection, use a coaxial digital cable. Use a
commercially available optical cable to use the optical connection. Note that
if you are using a pair of DS-90’s you still only need to connect to the
digital input of one speaker. In this case, sound will be passed to the other
DS-90 via the Thru Connector.
2) Set the Digital Input Select Switch to reflect whether you are using the
coaxial or optical connector for the input signal.
3) Next set the Assign Switch. If you are using a pair of DS-90’s, set the
left speaker to "L" and the right speaker to "R." If you are only using one
DS-90, set this to "L+R."
4) When the connected digital input source is powered up, the Digital In
Indicator on the DS-90’s will illuminate.