GR-30: Changing The Basic MIDI Channel

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The Roland GR-30 is capable of transmitting each guitar string’s note
information over an independent MIDI Channel. This is known as MONO MODE. The
selectable MIDI Channel (1 - 11) represents the first string (E), and each
string above is transmitted on successive channels. This is the optimum mode
for transmitting to a sequencer or multitimbral sound module because it allows
individual string-bending. POLY MODE is used to transmit all MIDI information
over the single selectable MIDI Channel. Use the following procedure to select
the MIDI channel:

1) Use the EDIT TARGET dial to select MIDI.
2) Use the PARAMETER SELECT dial to select [C] for CHANNEL.
3) Press the EDIT/PLAY button.
4) Use the [-] or [+] buttons to select the desired MIDI Channel. Selectable
channels are 1 - 11 for MONO MODE and 1 - 16 for POLY MODE. In POLY MODE, a "P"
will appear after the channel number.