V-Synth: Using Knobs to Modify the Sound in Realtime

Tags: v-synth
By turning the ASSIGNABLE CONTROL C1 and C2 knobs as you play, you can manipulate specific aspects of the currently selected sound. The knobs can be assigned to any number of patch settings.

1. Select Patch 027, Synapse 1.
In this patch:
• C1 controls the patch’s formant and pitch.
• C2 controls the patch’s time setting, making the notes more clipped, or less clipped, depending on which way you turn the knob.

2. While playing the keyboard, turn C1 and C2. As you turn C1 to the right, hear how the patch changes and how its pitch rises.

Here’s another example that shows how you can change the sound in realtime.

1. Select Patch 01, MadOrchestra.

2. While playing the keyboard, turn the TIME PW knob in the OSC 1 section all the way to the left to hear how the sound changes.

3. As you play, turn the knob so that it's pointing straight up—and you feel the knob click into place—to reveal that the wild-sounding MacOrchestra is actually a V-Synth-twisted piano arpeggio!