BR-1200CD: Bouncing Multiple Tracks to a Single Track

Tags: track,combine,bounce,merge

The BR-1200CD allows you to bounce, or combine, multiple tracks into one track. This is useful if you are running out of recording tracks on the BR-1200CD and would like to free up a few tracks. The following article will guide you through an example of this feature by bouncing tracks 1 and 2 down to track 7.

  1. Lower the volume slider of all of the tracks except track 1, track 2 and the Master fader.
  2. Press the REC MODE button repeatedly until the red indicator is lit next to BOUNCE.
  3. Press the 7 track button (located directly beneath the volume fader for track 7). The button will begin to flash indicating track 7 has been selected as the destination for bouncing.
  4. Press REC and then press PLAY. Both PLAY and REC will light and recording (bouncing) begins. All audio that you hear during this time will be recorded (bounced) onto track 5.
  5. When the song ends, press STOP.
  6. To check that the bouncing was successful, lower all volume faders except for track 7 and the Master.
  7. Press the ZERO button and then press PLAY. Press STOP when you're finished listening.
  8. To store the new bounced recording, press and hold STOP and press REC. "Save Current?" appears in the display.
  9. Press ENTER.

Tracks 1 and 2 are now recorded together onto track 7.