KR-570: Installing Flash ROM upgrades

Tags: kr-570
This keyboard uses “Flash ROM” technology. This makes it possible to upgrade the operating system of the KR using only a floppy disk which the user can easily install. Please note that all internal user settings will be lost during the version upgrade procedure, so be sure to back up any songs and user programs (registrations) to disk before installing the upgrade. Use the following procedure to install the new operating system:

1) Turn the keyboard off.

2) While holding down the REC and FWD buttons, turn on the power to display “KR Boot Loader-Please insert a BOOT disk.”

3) Insert the KR-570/770 version update disk into the disk drive to display “KR Boot Loader - Flash Update Executing.” Loading will automatically commence.

NOTE: If the inserted disk is not the KR-570/770 version update disk, or disk data has been corrupted, the messages below will appear and the version upgrade procedure will be aborted. At this time, all LED’s will begin to blink. “KR Boot Loader. Please insert a BOOT disk. This isn’t a BOOT Disk for KR.”

During the version upgrade procedure, LED's in the style select buttons will blink one by one from left to right. Also, the working status will appear in the display: “KR Boot Loader. Flash Update Executing. Status = Erase.”

If an error occurs during the version upgrade procedure, the message below will appear and the procedure will be aborted. At this time all LED’s will begin to blink. KR Boot Loader. Flash Update Failed. Status = Erase.”

4) When the version upgrade procedure is completed, the LED on the Disk button will blink and the following message will appear: “KR Boot Loader. Flash Update Completed.”

5) Turn off the power and remove the disk to exit the version upgrade procedure.