DR-880: Problems Updating the Software

Tags: version,dr-880,2.0
The following is a checklist that may be helpful if you're having trouble updating the DR-880 to Version 2.0.

• The Version 2.0 update can only be performed using the physical MIDI input on the DR-880. It cannot be done through the USB port.

• Make sure your MIDI interface is functioning, and that its MIDI OUT is connected to the DR-880's MIDI IN.

• We recommend using the PC SMF Update Application if your computer's running Windows, or the UPD SMF Application if it's running Mac OS X . You can find them both here: http://www.rolandus.com/support/downloads_updates/general_apps.php

• Make sure that USB mode in the DR-880 is NOT set to MIDI. It must be set to STORAGE for the MIDI ports to function. After you change the USB mode setting, turn the DR-880's power off and then back on again for the new setting to take effect.

• Try a different MIDI cable.

• Try a different USB port on your computer or your MIDI interface.

• Reboot the computer and the DR-880.