R-5, R-8, R-8MKII: Using the Performance Section with an External MIDI Device

Tags: r-5,r-8,r-8mkii
Using the Performance section on the R-5, R-8, R-8mkII, you can assign an
individual sound to be triggered by all MIDI Note Numbers. This might be useful
when, for example, you are triggering a bass sound from an external MIDI
keyboard. Use the following procedure to assign a sound to Performance section
1 and trigger it via MIDI:

1) Assign the desired sound to a pad.
2) Press MIDI (under MODE).
3) Press the CURSOR PAGE button.
4) Press the number 6 (PFM SECTION) button (on the numeric keypad).
5) Use the -1/OFF or +1/ON buttons to choose the desired Performance section
6) Press PARAMETER SELECT until "$INST" is displayed in the bottom left
corner of the screen.
7) Press the pad of the instrument you wish to assign to this section.
8) Press MIDI (under MODE).
9) Press the number 2 (RX CH) button (on the numeric keypad).
10) Press PARAMETER SELECT until "$PFM Section 1=" is displayed.
11) Use the -1(OFF)/+1(ON) buttons to select the desired MIDI channel.
12) Press EXIT.
13) Set the transmit channel of your external MIDI keyboard to the same MIDI
channel selected in step #11 above. Now, you can use your keyboard to trigger
the sound assigned to Performance section 1.