BR-864: Erasing a Song - the Song Erase Function

Tags: song,erase,remove,delete,br-864

Use the following procedure to erase a song from the memory card:

1. Press [UTILITY].

2. Press CURSOR [<] or [>] to move the cursor to "EDT," and press [ENTER].

3. Press CURSOR [<] or [>] to move the cursor to "ERS," and press [ENTER]. The Erase Song screen is displayed.

4. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial and select the song to be erased.

5. After selecting the song to erase, press [ENTER]. "Are you sure?" is displayed.

6. To continue with the erasure, press [ENTER]. To cancel the operation press the [EXIT] (or[UTILITY]).


  • If you receive a "Protected!" message, you are attempting to erase a Protected Song. The following will guide you through unprotecting a Song:
  1. Press [UTILITY].
  2. Cursor to “EDT,” and press [ENTER].
  3. Cursor to  “PRT,” and press [ENTER].
  4. Rotate the TIME/VALUE dial to select the “OFF”
  5. Press EXIT and the repeat the steps above for erasing a Song.

Additional Notes:

  • If you erase a song currently being used, the song on the memory card with the lowest number is selected, and you are returned to the Play screen.
  • If you erased a song not currently being used, press [UTILITY] (or press [EXIT] repeatedly) repeatedly to return to the Play screen.