VS-2000CD: Activating the Digital Coaxial Input

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The COAXIAL IN digital input of the VS-2000 can bring pure, ultra-clean digital audio signals into the recorder. This allows you to use a separately purchased preamp or to receive audio digitally from a keyboard or mixer with a digital output. Here's how you set it up.

Ensure you have a coaxial cable connected from the digital output of your external device to the COAXIAL IN jack on the VS-2000. Both devices should be powered-on and ready to go.

1. On the VS-2000CD, hold down SHIFT and press F4 to enter the Utility menu.

2. Press F2 (Digital).

3. In the MASTER CLOCK section, turn the TIME/VALUE dial to checkmark "DIGITAL IN."

4. Press ENTER so a checkmark appears next to "DIGITAL IN."

A message "Digital In Lock" appears onscreen to indicate that your external digital device's digital clock signal is being successfully received. If you don't get this message, check your cables to make sure they're connected correctly, and that you're using a coaxial cable.

Once you get the "lock" message, you can route the digital input to your recording track the same way you'd route an analog input signal.