VS-840, VS-840EX, VS-840GX: Generating a Sync Track

Tags: track,sync,vs-840,vs-840ex,vs-840gx,generate
The VS-840 series can generate a previously recorded sync track to a MIDI sequencer or a drum machine for the purpose of synchronizing the two units. Use the following procedure to generate a sync track:

1. Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT jack of the VS-840/EX/GX to the MIDI IN jack of the sequencer.

2. Press UTILITY.

3. Use the CURSOR buttons to select the Sync/Tempo icon, and press ENTER[TAP].

4. Use the CURSOR buttons to select "Gen." and select "Sync TRACK" with the VALUE dial. This completes synchronization settings for the VS-840/EX/GX.

5. Press DISPLAY to return to play mode.

6. Make settings on your MIDI sequencer so that it will synchronize to incoming MIDI clock messages, and prepare it to begin playback of MIDI song data. When you start playback on the VS-840/EX/GX, the MIDI sequencer will begin playback in sync.